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Remodeling FAQ

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

These are the questions i get asked the most before starting a job

Can I do the demo myself?

When we do demo your project we are somewhat surgical about it and remove only what we need. Its not like what you see on hgtv, if you remove something what doesn't need to be removed you could end up costing yourself more money in the long run.

If I order the parts can you install them?

If you order the parts and they come in wrong it will end up costing more time on the job and more money out of your pocket. Generally we can have everything next day unless it is a special order and our supplier checks compatibility with products before we order them. Plumbing fixtures must be ordered though us.

How many people do you work with?

Typically it is myself and one other guy, unless it is a big project i will have a extra hand.

How long will my job take?

There are a lot of variations in a job that could make it take longer or shorter like tile layout, counter tops, custom glass but these are a rough idea of how long jobs take as we stay on your job until it is finished.

Powder Room Bathroom Remodel 3-4 days

Hallway Bathroom Remodel 2+ weeks

Master Bathroom Remodel 3+ weeks

Kitchen Remodel 2-3 weeks

What is the average cost to remodel my bathroom

The price for bathrooms can change based on what you pick out, below you will find the average cost for bathrooms. these prices are with labor and material

-Small powder bathroom $6k+

-Hallway bathroom$10k-14k+

-Master Bathroom $20k-30k+

Are you licensed and insured

Yes we are a licensed and insured class A contractor with the state of Virginia for Residential (RBC) and Commercial (CBC) #2705152986

How do you protect my house from dust & dirt

While not all dust can be contained, we do our very best to control it. We lay down drop cloths on hardwood and lay plastic protection on carpet along with drop cloths on top. We also use a zip wall to seal off the work area and use a hepa filter outside the work area to collect any dust.

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